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10-Oct-2017 09:38

There were very few the times that I had to pop to the terminal to carry out an important action.

However, this being a beta, I did have some problems with some packages, and as a good citizen I did my part to file bug reports.

And if the user is more proficient and knows what he/she was, there is always Synaptic.

In the Administration menu you will also find the global preferences for package management and the "Update Manager", a utility similar to Apple's Mac OS X update facility.

I received my brand new laptop this past Monday with Vista Home Basic in it.

I spent 2 hours with Vista, I decided that I didn't like much of its usability, and I immediately burned an Ubuntu preview ISO and installed it on my shiny new DELL Inspiron 640m.

Some of these problems include: the i810 driver would not playback HD video (Xv crashing) if I would not add the Cachelines option in the Xorg.conf, copy/paste from Firefox does not work if Firefox is then closed down (this was fixed last year for Gnome apps, time to fix Firefox too), Gossip does not connect to anything else but (e.g.

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The 915resolution hack was not needed for my Intel graphics card, but I needed to have more information for my laptop's LCD.The default Ubuntu desktop looks a lot like its predessesor versions although the artwork is updated.