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27-Dec-2017 19:49

I thought that was out of character for him, as he usually put his family before anything, and I grew curious at what he wanted to show me so badly.

I expected him to be over soon, as he only lived about twenty minutes away, when I received a disturbing phone call.

I dared not to open my eyes, but when I dreadfully peaked through my fingers, I saw these pale white, cold, bare feet coming in to my room, almost in slow motion.

I would hate to see the person such feet belonged to.

That was fine, but queried him why he didn’t want to wait to see his parents first, who would be home any minute.

He insisted there was no time because he had something really important to show me, and then logged straight off.

We stayed on there for a few hours having fun with these random people, and I noticed Bradley had taken a liking to one girl in particular.

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It was Bradley’s parents, who had just come home and were sounding extremely worried.