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11-Jun-2018 21:38

The goal of all dating games is straightforward: establish a relationship with a character in the game through flirting, gift giving, interactions and other ways a typical person would do when trying to get a date in real life.

These games can range from simplistic plot lines to complex stories.

The pictures appeared rather colorful and the drawings have a similar style to Japanese animation, but the character names and the song lyrics were Korean.

Once I opened the app and saw Cheritz’s logo, I was brought to a start screen that showed one of the potential characters smiling with open arms, chips flying everywhere. The instrumental version of the song in the trailers played in the background.

Eventually, you and the character you interact with the most will “develop” a relationship before meeting each other in person.That is, until I picked up Mystic Messenger, or 수상한메신저 (literally Mysterious Messenger).Mystic Messenger, developed by Cheritz, a Korean company known for creating Otome games, is a dating simulation where the player's goal is to establish a romantic relationship with one of the five given characters.Most of these games, however, are based on the assumption that the player and the characters are heterosexual and heteromantic (Asia tends to be very conservative on topics involving the LGBTQ community).

Characters vary in personalities you can choose from and tend to be stock characters: innocent and childlike, arrogant celebrity or from royalty, silent gentleman, awkward and unpopular but ends up being popular, class clown, bully or rival secretly in love and many more.

It will even sync up to your phone’s time and your time zone.

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