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Lidenina for their pa8tor, and a.t circumstancea would permit^ the cougrcgution fu Uillt'd tln-ir promise t'» thl^:^c on the eji Ht «iile nf the river to repay tiiem as much as they hud contributed towards the buihling of Holjr Trioitgr, which, on ac oou nt of the great acarci^ of money, was paid mostly iu wheat. i«neig became Icnown to Archbishop Beazelius ai Mi the Consistory in May' 1749, and they immediately Uranaferrad the Bar. Broom, eeeretary; and Jeha Rtimsey, Henry Rice, Dr Jnbn Urinckle. The people on the other aide aoon after began the erection of a church on the spot where the present Pena'a Neck Church ataudit, aud were organized a separate church, with Mr. Hiram Adaiti.'j accepted a call March 3, 1835, and resigned February 22, 188& Digitized by Google 708 HISTORY OF DELAWAHK. As A reavlt, " the Episo O|ial Afwociation of the borough of Wilmington " was formed, and on April 20, 1813, John Lynam was made chairman; Jamea H. Tatnall Warner, senior warden ; Williard Thomson, junior warden ; Alfred S. The bishops of London, who had the oveidght of tbe Episcopal Churches and missions in America, repeatedly recommended the J^wcdish ministers to the kindnei M and hospitality ut the English, and the various archbishops of Sweden and Bishop Bwedlieig exljorted the f^wedish minisfers and churches to Uto in unity and friendship with the English Churches. Collina remained rector of Gloria Dei Church until the time of his death, in 1830, having several Episcopal minis* ters in succession as axsistants. In August, 1855, measures were taken, through the earnest influence of Mr. As a result Calvary (Jhu[ic-1 was erected, at a cost in excess of tive thousand dollars, and opened October SO, 1859.

The subject was postponed until 1866, when the grand jury alluded to the matter as follows: " W hrrr-it, tbe ineuibera of Ibe I'l-iit Juiy of ila- Siii» (".iiirt nml (Aiurl uf i; nil St-wiionti of llii' I'i.k r r.r NV«r I ; eighteen handnd. as they could not be obtained here), went in before the altar, as also our colleague, Mr. Jtud., id.— A prayer of Ilia own composing that God will be graciously pleased with this house. «i«lm cxxvi., verse 3d : ' The Lord hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad.' " And the Church teas named Holy Trinity Church. — ^Then from the pulpit be began: 'We praiae thee, O God, etc.* 1 Ith.— Then Hagiater Rad man and I only went before the altar again and he aang the prayer and then the blessing. — And then gave an exhortation to keep and reverence this house as the house of God, and thereupon said ' Glory be to the Father, and to Um Son, and to the Uoly Ghost.' " Faitor Loe U. 'As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be^, world withoat end.

Besolutiona were passed in fhvor of the measure, and a hill to remove the cctnity seat was taken up on tbe following day in tbe i:enate, and in- definitely postponed. And SO it waa finally unanimoualy dedded that the church should be at Christina, and as there was not ground enough in the cemetery on which to set the building, without encroaching upon graves, and also that it waa too much of a side hill, John Stalcop, of his own free will, gave land uble. Rud., M.— 'Gome, let na praiae the Lord God.' " Maff. The conniels and aecrets of Kings aiid mien ahall be conceded, etc., but the proper text was P!

George's, which was presided over by Philip Reybold. 1 OMtlflo*««aoa«aoao«ak**a*aaoo«ao« ft of bl Uid M sat tbol Red tkin at. KT«Mb U •nd unwhulcwm Mi BUi KKphen^, without any ncrtininu NUtiu M fur (lie Jury while tlirjr nn \v pmvitlod with a new canoe for their ovku special use in coming to church. Jiud, 6th.—' Come, Holy Spirit, Lord God, etc.* " Then Jlagister Hudnian preuehed the consecra- tion sermon from the pulpit, beginning with Tobit, IStb chapter, 7th vena.

Adam Williamson, Xehemiah Tilton, Joseph Burns, John Crow, John War. Latrobe be- gan his second pastorate and remained iiiitil April 24, 1887. In 1887 Calvary Church had one hundred communi- canta and a Sunday-School membership of two hun- dred and lifly. Services were held respectively in the Unitarian Church, the Masonic Temple and the Western Mar- ket House.

The originators of the plan, however, were in earnest, and on the 11th of Januarj-, 1810, John Way, Senator from New Castle, laid upon the members' desks petitions signed by five hundred citizens of New Castle County, setting forth reasons why the county-seat should be removed. *oon after Andrew Reynold^^, of the committee, reported a bill, which wnj; read. John's Memorial Church, Ashland, Pa., became rector. White of the Methodist Epi.ncopal Church ; supplied the pulpit until the election of Rev. berg (who now haul ike overeigbt of the churches in America), he iit*rviiig iu that capacity ud UI the King could be beard from aud hia regular (ranafer to the clitirch nbovc iiienti ine J be niade. Joiia» Aureeu had been in charge of that pari of the congrc^iation on the eaat aide of the Dela- ware, under the direction of Mr. Bayard, Walter Cammins, William 1) ividwn, Isaac C Pyle, Edwin T. John's stands a lasting memorial to his grenl-hcart*'d munificence, wliieli, thoujrii only in embryo at his untimely deiith, was built by his fam- ily in aocordanoe with his wish and intentions. Antlrew's, HL John's, Christ Church and, through Ct.

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