Is michael oher dating

25-Apr-2018 23:54

Most will recognize Oher's name from the 2009 critically-acclaimed movie The Blind Side, which told the story of how the formerly homeless teen was taken in by a wealthy Memphis, Tennessee family who introduced him to football - a sport that not only helped him to go to college, but landed him a career in the NFL as a first-round draft pick.

'I’m not trying to prove anything,' Oher told ESPN.

No doubt, the thing which grabbed all the attention in the picture was the size.

In the picture, he captioned: Now after all the scenario, we can surely make a guess and that is he is not dating anyone rather grabbing the attention.

As he is no new in using the very eye-catchy caption for his picture, he did the same here too.

He maintained his humor by marking the woman his wife.

Though having the perfect height, he has to go through the kind of embarrassment due to his heavy weight. Once he was moving from Philadelphia to Rochester in one of the US Airways flight.

As we have no idea whether he had dated any girl, he shifted everybody about that himself. Going through his social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter, you can find him flaunting pictures of himself along with female celebrities.

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