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Wait until you see his cock; it’s fucking enormous. The men started pushing Andrea from one to another getting more and more forceful with every push. Andrea was spitting at them as she furiously tried to fight them off.The big lad with tattoos is Lenny, he organises these things.” Then he whispered, “He’s fucking evil.” He picked up his voice again when the second black man grabbed Andrea’s tits, “I think he’s called Shola. Ha, ha.” He chuckled, “He likes fucking them up the arse.” Andrea slapped his hand away but he wasn’t going to be deterred that easily. Her dress was thrown into the corner of the room leaving my wife standing in her black bra, thong, torn tights and high-heeled shoes.Andrea began banging on the door, “Let me out, let me out. Five men rushed in four only wearing shorts or track bottoms and old George who had a camcorder.

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My stomach turned over again but my cock ached for relief ? Andrea was sobbing as they pulled the hood from her head.Andrea was still struggling to keep her thighs together as her torn tights and black thong were dragged from her ankles leaving her completely naked.She looks fucking well tight boys,” The Jewish man announced, “They’ll enjoy themselves with this posh bitch.” I turned to see that he already had his trousers around his ankles and was wanking his long thin cock.I checked my account to see that the message was from the person that I had replied to. We may be interested in your wife but need more details. I felt very uneasy for the rest of the day and at about half past two I told my secretary that I felt unwell and was going home. I rang my secretary and told her that I would not be in for the rest of the week, as I still felt unwell, which was actually the truth. “Yes to both questions,” she cocked her left eye at me, “Why? I slowly drove my car along the pot-holed road until I came to a cabin next to a metal gate. Standing in the far corner were 3 well-dressed Japanese businessmen nervously looking at me. You can watch from there, the old man said pointing to the opposite wall.

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The next message they sent had an attachment with the following message. Her clothes were being ripped off, and her knickers had been pulled to one side exposing a very hairy bush. Seconds later another message arrived that shook me to the core. Don’t keep me waiting he demanded and the phone went dead. He turned to me menacingly, I followed you from home. Look pal, that’s not how it is.” He glared at me, “You offered her to us ? You can watch if you want to, with, or without her knowing you’re there.

Andrea was then pushed down onto the middle of the sofa. Joel held her wrists with one hand and kissed her hard on the lips as he groped her tits, his massive cock swinging like a baseball bat. Lenny told his friends as he began suckling on her left tit as his cock slapped against her belly.