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25-Jun-2017 01:55

Poirier then worked his way to Pettis' back and then transitioned beautifully into full mount where he was about to unload strikes.

However, before Poirier could lay down any further punishment, Pettis verbally submitted due to an apparent injury.

Poirier then attempted to work his way through his guard, but it was Pettis who was looking more dangerous from the bottom and Poirier had to negotiate his way out of a dangerous looking kimura submission attempt.

Pettis was then able to create a scramble to get the fight back to the feet and the two went toe-to-toe and exchanged crisp right hands.

Diego Sanchez via KO (elbow) at of Round 1 Andrei Arlovski def.

Thankfully, the fight itself was anything but dull.